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We often receive positive feedback about our school which is very much appreciated.
We would like to share and celebrate some of the lovely messages that we have received from our families and other visitors to our school.   

I just wanted to pass on my congratulations and appreciation to the staff at the school. I spent the day at the school swimming carnival and was blown away by how much Mr Hart engaged with the kids, encouraged them and actively got into the water to help out so the year 1 kids could all participate and join in with the games and races. As a parent you want to see all the kids get an opportunity to enjoy and participate in all parts of school life despite their abilities and fears. It was so heartening to see that he went out of the way to do this.  I see lots of little things everyday that make me pleased that we chose Holy Cross to be 'our school'.  Thank you and keep up the good work. (Parent)

Thank you to the staff for all the amazing work that you do for our children at Holy Cross.  What a beautiful school community you are building here! I can tell by the way my girls are cared for and mentored - from the moment they are greeted at the gate until they are farewelled by staff each afternoon that you all love your profession.  Thank you for being positive and inspiring role models. (Year 3 and Year 5 parent)

Thank you Holy Cross staff for your loving care and support which has always been shown to our 3 children over the many years we have been part of this community.  My youngest is finishing up this year and he has benefited by the wonderful innovative ideas of the current staff.  We thank our son’s class teacher for a fantastic year and for being a great role model for the boys in Year 6. (Year 6 parent)

Thank you to all of the amazing staff at Holy Cross.  We’ve only been part of the Holy Cross family for 8 months and we could not have chosen a better school.  I am truly impressed at how the staff and the children are so supportive.  
(Kindergarten parent)

Thank you for making me feel so welcome and a part of the team at Holy Cross.  It has been the most amazing experience. (Prac student from Notre Dame University)

Every school has their pluses and minuses but Holy Cross has a ‘magic’ all of its own.  

Last week I was lucky enough to help the Holy Cross Senior Girls Division 2 Netball team at the Gala day in Berkley. Thanks to Holly, Lauren, Chevorne, Keely, Kailee, Olivia, Rebecca, Johanna, Tyler, Hannah and Dominique. The girls are not weekend netballers, but played with all their heart and soul. They tried new positions, subbed on and off when asked and gave it their all. I know a couple of the girls were unsure about whether to go to the day, but I am glad they did. It was also great to meet Tyler who is new to the school and watch her being welcomed into the school. Thanks girls for a great day.  (Parent)

Today I assisted at the Netball Gala Day as a parent supervisor for the junior girls team.  I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know what a fabulous day it was and how amazing our kids are!  The team of girls that I spent the day with showed so much respect for each other, for the opposing team players, and also to the teachers, parents and helpers.  They also showed respect for the game itself.  Each and every one of the girls put their heart into giving their best effort to the game, with loads of enthusiasm and a great team spirit.  I came away feeling so proud to be representing Holy Cross.  It was a true reminder that you don’t need to be top of the scoreboard to be a winning team.  Well done Holy Cross!  I’m looking forward to supporting our school again next year.  (Parent)

Our son had a very exciting week……..the experience was invaluable.
This has been the biggest tournament he has played in and the experience he had he will always remember. Thank you to the school for supporting him in the sport he loves. We appreciate all of the support from Holy Cross  - such a beautiful little school and we are grateful that our 3 children attended Holy Cross.  
(Year 6 parent)

I just wanted to let you know that the Mass on Sunday was beautiful. It was so lovely to see the kids participating.  The part of the service that involved the cross, accompanied by Mr Hart singing “You Raise Me Up”, was particularly moving!  I know the staff give up their personal time for things like this and I just wanted to say that it is appreciated. All of the parents I spoke with thought the same.  (Kindergarten parent)

We attended the Easter Liturgy as our granddaughter is a student at your school. We were very impressed with the behaviour and involvement of the students. It was wonderful to see the children taking an active part in the Liturgy.
What an asset Timothy Hart is, his organisation of the Liturgy and his obvious talent as a musician were a positive feature of the service. His lyrics to the wonderful Leonard Cohen song 
hallelujah were inspiring. Well done to all involved.  
(A Grandparent)

On behalf of my husband and I, we just want to thank you and all your wonderful staff for making our son’s transition to school such a positive and enjoyable time, not only for him but also our family. 
We have been so overwhelmingly impressed and appreciative by the thought, hard work and organisation that has gone into even the smallest of details. From the activities on open classroom night to tea and tissues, it has helped us ALL settle and feel so welcome at Holy Cross. We were a little apprehensive about all the 'unknowns', as I think most parents are when the eldest starts school. We had so many 'what ifs' but within days we knew we had made the right decision enrolling our son at Holy Cross.
He just adores his teachers and it was so clear on open night that he already has such a strong understanding of what school life is all about. He is so happy going to school each day. We still can't believe 5 weeks into Kindy and not a single morning has he said he doesn't want to go to school! 
We think that Mrs Rowles has gone above and beyond with all her preparation, teaching and support to provide such a smooth start to school. We really do appreciate all the hard work and time she has spent which has benefited our son immensely.
We are so grateful and so very pleased that our son is going to such a supportive and nurturing school. 
Thank you again.  (Kindergarten parent)

The staff at Holy Cross were truly inspiring! Even our IT guy thought SPB4L was fantastic. He said it was great to see such a positive school. We have sent our thanks to them today.
I can see why you would be very proud of your achievements.  
(Bathurst CEO visitors)

I'm so happy with Holy Cross - every staff member who I have had the pleasure of getting to know a little bit better, has been very supportive & approachable.  As a parent there's nothing warming your heart more than knowing your kids are in such good care.  
(Kindergarten parent)

WOW is what my husband and I thought on Friday arriving at the oval.  We have been in the school since 2001 (12 Years) and without a doubt that was the best Athletics Carnival we have witnessed. Your enthusiasm was amazing, to see the School Principal actively involved with the children and interacting on the oval really shows that you care for our children.  Thank you and we feel privileged to be sending our child to Holy Cross. Congratulations!  
(Year 3 parent)