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Our Guiding Foundations

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Holy Cross school was founded in 1900 by the Sisters of St Joseph.

St Mary of the Cross MacKillop is our patron saint.  We celebrate her feast day on Thursday 8 August.

Our school badge and motto mirror both our history and faith. The school badge was designed by Brother Doran who, at the time, was living at the Christian Brothers' house at Stanwell Park. His design was the winning entry in a school competition in 1985, aimed at fostering school spirit.
The school badge displays St Mary of the Cross MacKillop's insignia with the three J's representing Jesus, St Joseph and St John the Baptist. It is also a reminder of the Josephite Sisters, who were in charge of the school for many years. Sister Jane Ross, the last representative of the Sisters of St Joseph, left our school in 1986. The blue and gold on the badge represent our school colours.

The school motto, 'The Peace of Christ Be With You,' was also a winning entry in a school competition and was submitted by a parishioner, Mrs Marian Campbell. The students of Holy Cross school greet all teachers and visitors to the school with our motto.

Learning to Learn, Live and Love

In the Josephite Spirit we are;
  • Learning to Learn by engaging in authentic learning experiences to build capacity and improve performance
  • Learning to Live by embracing life through right relationships with God, others, self and earth
  • Learning to Love by valuing and sharing our diversity through love, service and stewardship.


  • Be Safe
  • Be Kind
  • Show Respect
  • Be Responsible

           “May the spirit of unity and love reign amongst us.” (Mary of the Cross MacKillop, 1884)