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Buildings and Facilities

page image placeholder The design of the school has been very deliberate to ensure that while we have flexible arrangements,  The students remain connected to the learning environment. The openness of the environment contributes to the feeling of welcome and collaboration that permeates our school culture. Access to technology is based is in close proximity to the Learning spaces.

The school provides Learning Spaces that meet the demands of learning and Teaching in the 21st Century. The students can experience explicit teaching, team teaching, multi media delivery and independent students within the flexible learning spaces. The school has a modern library that forms the hub for the learning within the school. The new school hall is utilised for assemblies, whole school productions and sport.

The Physical Environment has natural shade and man made structures that provide for the learning in the outdoors. Designated learning spaces are provided for the teaching of Music and Art.

           “May the spirit of unity and love reign amongst us.” (Mary of the Cross MacKillop, 1884)