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pic handsupThe student Behaviour Management Policy is linked to the Pastoral Care Policy and fosters self-responsibility and positive behaviour. 

Our behaviour management is focused around School-Wide Positive Behaviours for Learning (SPB4L).  Behaviour is managed using a range of strategies for achieving important social skills, which ultimately result in increased learning outcomes while preventing problem behaviour. This framework fosters a safer, happier and more predictable environment for all – students, parents and teachers alike.  

The essential features of a successful school-wide system of positive behavioural support include:

  • staff agreements on a common purpose and approach to discipline
  • positive expectations for all children
  • procedures for modelling, reinforcing and explicitly teaching expected behaviours
  • a continuum of procedures for encouraging expected behaviours
  • discouraging inappropriate behaviours

The effectiveness of the SPB4L Framework is monitored and evaluated regularly.

We have simple, yet effective school rules that underpin who we are and what we do at Holy Cross.

Our school rules are;

  • Be Safe
  • Be Kind
  • Show Respect
  • Be Responsible

All students are monitored on the playground, in the classroom and on excursions or at incursions. A wonderful part of this program at Holy Cross are the affirmations that are provided which encourage and celebrate the successes of the efforts of students. Some of these include – behaviour acknowledgement, merit awards and the ‘Caught Being Good’ raffle.

With any system that deals with rules and the non-compliance to these by students, it opens the door to corrective learning opportunities. At Holy Cross, we use a variety of strategies to support students in this area. Some of these include: verbal redirection, time out, time with teacher on duty and conversations to reflect on behaviour. Every attempt is made to ensure that the consequence is reasonable, respectful and restorative.  At times a more intense approach is required for some students and an Individual Behaviour Management Plan is developed by teachers and parents.

The shared partnership between home and school is vital in assisting students to be successful.